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Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq & Dubside Parts 1 & 2

A collaboration of Maligiaq Padilla, Dubside and the University of Sea Kayaking, this DVD series presents instruction for more than 35 traditional Greenland Inuit rolls.  It highlights additional techniques, skills and information that will broaden any paddler's abilities and understanding of Greenland Inuit paddling.  There is a historical basis for the specific way each roll is performed, which is memorialized in the rules of Qaannat Kattufiat (the Greenland Kayaking Association).  People from all over Greenland gather each summer at the Greenland National Qajaq Championship to test their abilities in these rolls.  With the increased interest around the world in Greenland paddling, these films will show you the correct way to do Greenland rolls.

Our goal is to preserveperpetuate and promote the art and sport of Inuit paddling for generations to come.  This film was made in association with Qaannat Kattufiat, which will receive $1 for each DVD sold.  
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