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Purchase the Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq & Dubside Parts 1 & 2 here !!!

Part of my passion is sharing the qajaq traditions, skills and styles I have learned and developed with paddlers around the world.  My buddies - world-renowned rolling and ropes instructor, Dubside, and Wayne, owner and operator of the University of Sea Kayaking - and I made this instructional DVD series Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq & Dubside to give paddlers the information they need to begin acing their rolls.  What we teach is the traditional Greenland Inuit style of rolling.  It remains very important to us that when we teach, we are conveying and maintaining Greenland rolling as it has been practiced for thousands of years.

You can buy Volume 1 and 2 separately or together for a sweet deal.  

Shipping is included in the prices below.  I try to send DVDs promptly, but please be patient if your shipment is delayed - most likely it is because I am paddling in a rural area and don't have access to a post office.

 Apologies but international shipping is not available at this time.  
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