I am from Sisimiut, Greenland, an Inuit town 50 km above the Arctic Circle on the Davis Strait.  I was raised by my grandparents, who are from the village of Killiit, a small island off the west coast of northern Greenland.  Like most Inuit men have done for thousands of years, my grandfather spent his days hunting seals, whales, birds, and other animals from a qajaq.  It was from him that I was steeped in the hunting traditions of our people.  He began taking me hunting with him at a young age and at 12, I built my first qayaq and learned to hunt with it using a harpoon and rifle.  I have since built more than 300 qayaqs, some of which are in the collections of the Sisimiut Museum of Greenland, the Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, and the Smithsonian Museums.

My passion lies in sharing the Greenland qayaq culture through teaching paddling, rolling, building, and rope gymnastics.  I have taught in my home country as well as Canada, Denmark, England, Italy, Japan, Spain, Iceland and more than ten states in the U.S.  People around the globe tell me they learned to roll by watching my film, Rolling With Maligiaq 1998.  I contributed to and/or appear in the films Allunaariaqattaarneq (translation: Rope Gymnastics Instructional Film) Greenland Rope Gymnastics.  The film This is the Sea (first edition) featured me as one of the top 3 sea kayakers.  Promoting interest and understanding in Greenland kayaking has lead me to assist three non-Greenland based organizations form as members of Qannaat Katuffiat, the Greenland Qayaq Club.

I strive to perform to the best of my abilities, and competition gives me a solid goal to work toward.  I first competed in the annual Greenland National Qayaq Championship when I was 12 (now the Greenland International Qayaq Championship). I won every event in my age group and at 16 became the youngest national championship winner in history.  I have won a total of 9 Championships.  I also seek to help fellow athletes achieve their optimum performance through coaching both in the water and on land and by teaching strength training.

I am married to a Alaskan Inuit woman Saagulik Hensley and we have a babies girl  is Aqattaq Padilla and boy is Piitaq Padilla.

Qajaq Achievements
- Greenland National Qayaq Championship age group winner: 1994-97; 30 gold medals total
- GNQC gold medal and Qayaq Man of the Year: 1998-'04,'08,'09;'13'  64 gold medals total
- Greenland 120 km Race first place '98, '07; 12  #5 '97
- Greenland 80 km Race first place '01
- Greenland 85 km Race first place '09
- 1999 Sea Kayak World Championship: 60 km #7, 32 km #12, 500 m #8; Montreal, Canada
- 2006 Greenland International Sea Kayak Race first place, 100 km

Other Achievements
- Sisimiut Dog Sled youth  Race first place '95-'97; 40 km 
- Greenland Sis. Coach of the Year 2003
- Greenland Sis.  Sport Man of the Year 2004
- Greenland Cultural Honor Prize 2006 ( juullip nipitittagaa)
- Greenland Adventure Race gold medal '05; '04 #3; run+climb 100 km, mountain bike 50 km, kayak 45 km
- Arctic Circle Race: '08 #3, '06 #3, '04 #5, '03 #6, '02 #8; 160 km; all 18-29 category
- Qannaat Katuffiat Secretary '05-'07
-Qajaq Sisimiut president '00-02
- Qajaq USA Honorary member 2015

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